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Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science

Reduced Service Announcement

Bremen, 2020-08-20

Dear PANGAEA users,

as you know PANGAEA is trying its best to continuously advance its services for the community. To improve our efficiency in processing and archiving your valuable data, we are in the process of streamlining and restructuring our workflows and infrastructures. Unfortunately, this requires additional effort from us, which, for a limited time period, leads to a reduction of our service capacities. For sure you can continue submitting your data, but please be aware that we have to prioritize some tasks over others, for details please check the priorities below. In some cases of complex services needed, we may ask to postpone submissions. The prime goal of this measure is to offer you a more efficient data publication support and data management services in the near future. The reduced service period will start on October 1st and we are planning to ramp up our capacities again in December 2020. We are sorry for any inconveniences caused and hope you will continue working with us.

To deal with urgencies, this is how we define priorities:

  1. Master/PhD students: If you are finishing your thesis and you just need your data published to get your paper(s) accepted, we will give this a priority!
  2. Submitted papers: For data that is associated with a paper that has been submitted before October 1st and just needs a DOI to be processed by a publisher — please contact us to check for solutions, i.e., a letter for the publisher which confirms that your data is already in the PANGAEA pipeline.
  3. In any other cases where you encounter issues with delays — please do not hesitate to contact us.