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Welcome to the PANGAEA data submission system. Any data from earth and life sciences are accepted. We highly appreciate you archiving and publishing your data with PANGAEA.

CheckBenefits. Published data are fully citable and can be cross-referenced with journal articles read more...

CheckData preparation and quality control. We will be in direct contact with you during preparation and archiving of your data read more...

The PANGAEA data editorial ensures the integrity and authenticity of your data. Data might be submitted in the authors format and will be converted to the final import and publication format. The PANGAEA editors will check the completeness and consistency of metadata and data. Our editors are scientists from the earth and life sciences. We may identify potential problems with your data (e.g. outliers). Nevertheless, we will only take full responsibility for the technical quality. You will be responsible for the scientific quality of your data (e.g. the validity of used methods). After data have been archived you will receive a DOI name and you are requested to proof-read before the final version is published. In case your data are supplementary to a journal article you might reference the data in the article. In addition our web services allow for embedding data references dynamically on the article splash page (example). In case there is a moratorium on your data you can ask for access constraints.

CheckCosts. PANGAEA can be used free of charge. Nevertheless, we appreciate any possible financial support read more...

PANGAEA is archiving and publishing data according to the Open Access Model. Basic operation is covered through public funding, but we have to seek for additional funds, in particular for preparing and archiving new data. In case data are submitted through a project which has publication costs as part of the funding, PANGAEA would appreciate a financial contribution of in average 300.– € for a data submission. Other forms/amounts of data contributions can be negotiated.

When you start the data submission process below, you will be redirected to the PANGAEA issue tracker that will assist you in providing metadata and uploading data files. Any communication with our editors will go through this issue tracker.

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Further details about data submission to PANGAEA – if you have any comments on the data submission process, please contact us.