The Software on this page is provided by the PANGAEA-Network for the visualization, exploration and interpretation of scientific data. The tools are freeware; its use in combination with the PANGAEA Information System is recommended.

PanMap is a Mini-GIS (Geographical Information System) to draw point and vector data in maps.
PanPlot enables the user to plot data versus time or space in multivariable graphs.
Pan2Applic is a tool to convert and compile single files or folders of output files (ascii/tab-separated data files with or without metaheader) downloaded from the information system PANGAEA to other formats used by applications, e.g. for visualization or further processing.
Some useful tools for converting ASCII files to some special formats.
PanCount is an Excel-sheet to use the keyboard as a counting device.
PaleoTools is an extended software package for quantitative paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

Software on other websites

AnalySeries Macintosh time series analysis tool. The full descriptive reference is also available online from AGU: Paillard D., L. Labeyrie, and P. Yiou. 1996. Macintosh Program Performs Time-Series Analysis. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 77(39), 379, doi:10.1029/96EO00259
CalPal (Cologne Radiocarbon Calibration & Palaeoclimate Research Package) is a Radiocarbon Calibration Program (Bernhard Weninger).
C2 is a Windows program for analysing and visualising palaeoenvironmental data (Steve Juggins).
rioja is a R package for analysis of Quaternary Science data (Steve Juggins).
MacDiff is a programme for analysis and display of x-ray diffractogramms (Rainer Petschick).
ODV (Ocean Data View) is a software package for the exploration and visualization of oceanographic data (Reiner Schlitzer).
OST (Ocean Sneaker's Tool) was written to generate table organized-ASCII data files and to display them on windows systems (Jan Schulz).
Seacarb, a R package to calculate parameters of the seawater carbonate system (Aurélien Proye and Jean-Pierre Gattuso).
Statistical analysis of climate time series: a bootstrap approach. The bootstrap is an adaptive, computing-intensive resampling method able to extract quantitative information from such time series. (Manfred Mudelsee).
Tilia is designed to record and display - in conjunction with Tilia-Graph - stratigraphic/pollen data (Eric Grimm).
Tri-plot is a ternary diagram plotting software based on MS-Excel (David Graham).