International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO)

Land elevations were derived by re-sampling the GTOPO30 1-km grid issued by the US Geological Survey; oceanic depth were produced by combining all available original public-domain bathymetric observations, supplemented by information extracted in contour form from published maps and charts.

The grid was constructed in October 1999 by Martin Jakobsson of Stockholm University, in collaboration with Norman Z. Cherkis of Five Oceans Consultants and with the assistance of John Woodward of the Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography, Jennifer Harding of the Geological Survey of Canada, and the editorial board for IBCAO.
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The grid was converted to vector data with ArcInfo® using Delauny Triangulation in 100 m depth intervals. Vector data in ASCII-format were converted to the layer-format of PanMap. This is a provisional version of the IBCAO which will be continuously improved by new data.

Data are organized in files per elevation line. Extraction of the *.zip-files will result in *.lay-files, which have the proprietary format used by PanMap. The first two files contain ALL LINES in one zip-archive in 10 % and full resolution. In the list below also each SINGLE LINE is accessible for individual selection. Data are also available in shape-file format to be used with ArcView® (120 MB).

Important for Macintosh users:

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Layout Elevation Layout terrestric layers Layout bathymetric layers
all (10 %) 8 MB 4 MB
all (full resolution) 87 MB 58 MB
20 m
2 MB
50 m
2.6 MB
100 m7.8 MB3.3 MB
200 m8.3 MB3.1 MB
300 m8.3 MB2.6 MB
400 m7.5 MB1.8 MB
500 m7 MB1.3 MB
600 m6.2 MB1.1 MB
700 m5.5 MB1 MB
800 m5.1 MB1 MB
900 m4.7 MB1 MB
1000 m4.4 MB1.1 MB
1100 m3.9 MB1.2 MB
1200 m1.2 MB1.3 MB
1300 m2.9 MB1.3 MB
1400 m2.5 MB1.4 MB
1500 m2 MB1.4 MB
1600 m1.5 MB1.4 MB
1700 m1.1 MB1.4 MB
1800 m0.8 MB1.4 MB
1900 m0.6 MB1.4 MB
2000 m0.4 MB1.4 MB
2100 m
1.4 MB
2200 m
1.5 MB
2300 m
1.5 MB
2400 m
1.5 MB
2500 m
1.5 MB
2600 m
1.5 MB
2700 m
1.5 MB
2800 m
1.5 MB
2900 m
1.5 MB
3000 m
1.5 MB
2100 m - 5000 m2.3 MB
3100 m - 5400 m
11 MB