How to unpack PanMap layer-files from zip-archives on Macintosh

Layer files with geographical information, to be used with PanMap, can be downloaded from as zip-archives. Macintosh users must press and hold the mouse-button. Choose "Save this Link as...".

PanMap should already be installed on your Macintosh; a zip-archive with PanMap-layers was also downloaded.

  1. download PKZIP to your Macintosh
  2. download PanMapLayer CTC to your Macintosh
  3. start PKZIP v2.03
  4. open the zip-archive to be extracted with "File -> Open..."
  5. click 'Extract...'
  6. click 'Extract All'
  7. click 'Done'
  8. Select the destination folder and click 'Extract' to extract zipped files to your harddisc
  9. Quit PKZIP v2.03
  10. Select all unzipped files and drag them onto the program 'PanMapLayer CTC'

The layer-files will show the PanMap layer icon and can now be used with PanMap's LayerManager.