The program PanPlot was developed as a visualization tool for the information system PANGAEA. It can be used as a stand-alone application or started automatically by the information system to plot data versus depth or time (Demo 1) or in a ternary view (Demo 2). The format of data the program PanPlot needs is a tabular saved in plain ASCII. The user can create this tabular with a spread sheet program like MS-Excel or with the information system. The default scales and graphic features can be modified by the user very easily. PanPlot graphs can be exported in platform-specific interchange formats (EMF, PICT). This files can be imported by every graphic program the user prefers.

PanPlot is available for MacOS 9 (PanPlot for Macintosh) and for Windows (PanPlot for Windows). PanPlot for OS X is not available.

For further information start the link to the manual (PDF, german version only).

A redevelopment of PanPlot started in January 2010. Find the latest release of PanPlot 2 here.